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Obama’s visit to Senegal

jeudi 27 juin 2013

Blocked roads, cleaned streets, police raids, flooding forces, etc.. : That the climate in which move the Dakar these days ! And this should not change before June 28, the date of departure of U.S. President Barack Obama ... In fact, Dakar is perfect effervescence ! Three camps are passing arguments ! The first slam drastic measures taken by the Senegalese government for organizing the visit of U.S. President ! They find no explanation for the deployment of these forces in the streets of the city. They do not understand why they do not have access to certain avenues such as Rum. They are shameful and ridiculous all this cleaning, these paintings, they made the order, and we should think beyond the era of complex Western presidents. In addition, they wonder what could bring us a tour of Barack. In short, they are tired of this circus ! At the same time, others see things from another angle ... They think it’s an honor that the U.S. president is chosen to visit Senegal from so many countries. It is the most powerful man in the world and above all it is the first black U.S. president. They are delighted to welcome in the Land of Teranga and in a small corner of thought a glimmer of hope for any aid. The third camp is ME ! Being still closer to the first than the second, I have a somewhat unusual view of Obama’s visit ! Firstly, I am in line with the Senegalese government on the form ! Of course you agree with me that Barack Obama is not anyone. Therefore, the security arrangements are not the same as those that were taken during a visit to a French Socialist deputy. We are talking about the President of the USA, that is to say, a perfect target for terrorist organizations that are against the regime of the White House. Do we lie to ourselves and believe in any complex. Security threat ever U.S. President explains all these measures ! And just that ! Some will say that the same measures were not taken to Macky during his stay in the land of Uncle Sam, but it’s not the same guys ! Macky came at 3:00 am to Yeumbeul escorted by only a few men. It is targeted by any armed organization ! And besides, he was safe in the USA ! It has benefited from the service of security agencies on the spot ! Any provision to the height concerned, that’s all ! What about cleaning the streets and raids, even if it is a little hypocritical of the Senegalese authorities, I will not complain to be rid of dirt, disorder and criminals ! Sure, I can understand that requires a response to this. This must be perpetuated after July 28 ... That’s it ! I do not understand the uproar. I do reinforces Macky in anything, on the contrary, but I just think they are needed. Now, any excess is harmful, should not deprive these good people go about their occupation. To conclude, I wish him - Obama - a good stay and advised him to visit the suburbs and Cheikh Anta Diop University. So I think it will have a much better overview of Dakar. I will even prefer him to come during the winter to enjoy the spectacle of floods, this is only a postponement. And the hundreds of businessmen accompanying him, I say : Discuss business but spare us your scams and venomous your investment. Never operate the debt !

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